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Kilim Afghan Heritage

178x125 cm
Natural wool Unique Woven by hand
Our Kilim Afghan Heritage collection is in each and every detail exceptional. It combines the most traditional way of crafting a Kilim with contemporary modern design elements. Not only has this carpet been woven by hand, its wool has also been spun by hand like for Kilims centuries ago. The geometric patterns make this carpet a pure enrichment for modern interior concepts. It is going to deeply impress you and your guests. You won't get more value for your money than for this Kilim Heritage.
retail price: £545
Price: £363 -25% £272 incl. Tax


Carpet ID: 1019270058838 Size: 178x125 cm Thickness: ap. 3 mm Manufacturing: Woven by hand Warp: Sheep wool Origin: Afghanistan Pile: Sheep wool Age: New Weight: ap. 3.00 kg Also know as Kilim, Qilim, Chilim, Afgan, Afghán In stock: Unique - Only 1 in stock

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These kilim rugs show a decisive difference to hand-knotted rugs - they are woven by hand. Thus, they do not have a high pile of wool and are often flatter and rougher than knotted wool rugs. Their making is less elaborate and so they are usually much more affordable. As an advantage, kilim rugs are also much lighter and can be laid out from the front and back side. Hand-woven kilims originally come from the former Persia and are now also often made in Afghanistan. They have rather simple, straightforward patterns, which are determined by their weaving technique.

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Care & Fair

Following our ethical principles, we at Nain Trading are declared supporters of the organization CARE & FAIR. The goal is joint action by carpet dealers worldwide to give children from carpet weaver families in India and Pakistan the foundation for socially protected growing up. This improves the situation for the whole family in the long term. A child-friendly childhood for a life worth living - that is the mission.

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Natural wool

Wool is a natural material that brings important positive properties to everyday life. It is extremely hard-wearing and can easily withstand daily stress. With proper care, it can also live for many decades without showing signs of aging. Natural wool is also dirt-repellent with its own fat content, which protects it from dirt and moisture. Wool is suited for underfloor heating systems. It regulates to a certain degree the humidity in the room and insulates sound and heat.

Woven by hand

This rug was made as a flat weave by hand on a loom. Flatweave is the term used to describe rugs that have no pile. As the name promises, these rugs are woven and not knotted. This results in a flat rug with a structured surface. Flatweaves are not as soft and usually thinner than knotted rugs. At the same time they are much less complex to manufacture and can usually be laid out from both sides (front and back). Their patterns are usually geometric, which is determined by the fabric.

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Unlike most carpet dealers, Nain Trading has its own production in Iran. This is important for guaranteeing not only an extraordinary high quality but also a sustainable production of our carpets and rugs.

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