Oriental carpet care and cleaning

As history has shown, original Oriental rugs can survive up to 3000 years. To achieve that age, they do not necessarily need a special treatment. By regular use the redundant wool dissolves while the remaining wool gets polished. Colours become softer and the patterns even clearer and more defined.

A good vacuum cleaner is the Oriental carpets best friend

An Oriental rug should ideally be vacuumed, in pile direction, every week. The direction of the pile can be easily determined by swiping the hand across the carpet. If the pile feels soft, you are going with its direction. A carpet also appears to be brighter and smoother if arranged in pile direction and darker and more defined if arranged against it.

Professional carpet cleaning

In domestic use a carpet should be given to the dry-cleaner every 7 to 10 years. Fine house dust gets stuck in the carpet and accelerates the wear of the carpet, as sandpaper would. During a professional cleaning the carpet is shaken to release it from sand and tiny stones, before starting the actual washing process. After this it is washed with water and a special non-fat soluble detergent. Finally the liquid is pushed out of the carpet and the rug is being hung inside a drying room. This cleaning method gives the pile new elasticity and the carpet shines in new splendour with brighter and clearer colours.

Carpet spot removal

The lanolin, which is a component of high-quality wool, prevents an original Oriental rug from (remaining) contamination. If an accident occurs, for example the spilling of liquids, you should remove the stains as soon as possible. If you wait too long, there is a risk that the stain gets soaked into the lanolin and will be difficult to remove again.

Our cleaning services for your Oriental rug

Our cleaning service helps (your) Oriental rugs to regain their former finery. We clean and wash your carpets by hand and in a traditional way, without harming the layer of fat of the pile.

A carpet is not the same as a carpet. Oriental Carpets are no exception. To offer you a cleaning, we need pictures and details of the actual degree of contamination. You should also inform us about the used material – cotton, wool or silk. Information about the size of the stains are always helpful

Reckon with an approximate value of £23 per squaremeter for an easy cleaning by hand. If the carpet is roughly dirty and/or made from sensitive material, the value could rise up.

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