Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • General Information regarding the carpets

  • What are the properties of an oriental carpet?

    An oriental carpet generally consists of warp, filling and pile. The warp and the filling form the supporting canvas, whereas the pile creates the patterns of the carpet. Depending on the type of the carpet and its heritage, the base material differs. The supporting unit, the warp and the filling are often made out of cotton, whereas the pile is made out of high quality sheep’s wool or silk. A pure silk carpet is made solely out of silk fibres. The warp threads are arranged longitudinal to the carpet and mostly end in a fringe at the edge of the carpet. The filling threads run crossways to the warp threads. The pile develops, where the two threads meet, through tied in knots, which produce the visual surface of the carpet.

  • How true to original are the pictures and the information regarding the carpets?

    All the information displayed about our carpets in our online store is made to the best of our knowledge. We have carefully measured all carpets, so there should only be small aberrations, if any, when it comes to the size of the carpets. The weight of the carpet has also been measured, using a special suspended scale. The information regarding the density of knots is based on an estimated value. The pictures have been taken at our headquarters with an SLR camera and are very accurate regarding the colours and the detailing of the carpets. Depending on the pile direction the colours of the carpet appear a little darker or lighter at times. The settings of your computer screen, such as brightness and contrast could also tamper with the real colouring of the carpets.

  • What are the most important criteria to evaluate the worth of a carpet?

    Usually, the difference in price between two similar carpets is being distinguished by the difference in knot density. The density of knots is being specified in knots per square meter. But the knot density isn’t the only criterion taken into account when it comes to the worth of an oriental carpet. The material and the quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the carpet are also important. The worth of a silk carpet, for example, depends on the real content of silk. Other important criteria are the handling of the carpet and the beauty of the handcrafted patterns. To estimate the worth of a carpet a lot of different information has to be taken into account.

  • Are Nain Trading carpets made by children?

    Oriental carpets are often criticised for child labour.
    This happens unreasonably, because for the most part children can’t be found in the production any more, due to the international pressure put on this issue. Of course there are black sheep. There always are. Not at our place. We buy responsible and therefore give you and ourselves a good feeling. Many journeys of our buyers and a strict surveillance lead us to gapless security with that premise “produced without the use of child labour”.

  • How do I determine the estimate number of knots per square meters, when it comes to my carpet?

    If you want to calculate the number of knots per square meter for an oriental carpet, you are best advised to choose a spot on the back side of the carpet and start counting the knots on a 1 cm long line, both vertically and horizontally. Multiply both numbers with each other and you will receive the estimate number of knots per square centimetre To get an information about the number of knots per square meter you must multiply this number with 10.000. If you want a more accurate number, count the knots on a line of 10 cm and do as advised above. In this case the number of knots only needs to be multiply by a hundred to get the amount of knots per square meter.

  • What meaning does the label 35, 50, 60 or 70 Raj of a Tabriz entail?

    The yarn count of a Tabriz-carpet is measured in rows or Raj. During this procedure, the rows of knots are being counted over a distance of 7 cm. A Tabriz with the quality 35 has an approximate knot density of 300.000 knots per square meter. A 50 Raj has 500.000 to 600.000 knots per square meter. The group of 60 Raj Tabriz has about 55 to 60 rows of knots, which come up to about 750.000 to 900.000 knots per square meter. The 70 Raj has the highest quality with a knot density of 1 Million knots per square meter and is very rare.

  • What meaning does the label 12, 9, 6 or 4 La of a Nain carpet bear?

    The number of layers of thread per warp thread gives information about the yarn count of a Nain carpet. The smaller the number, the more defined the quality of knotting of the Nain carpet. "La" means "layer" in Persian. The La of a Nain is easy to control by counting the threads of the carpet fringe. For example, a Nain with 9 LA has 9 pairs of threads per fringe and therefore a knot density of 400.000 to 600.000 knots per square meter. A Nain with 6 LA only has three pairs of threads and therefore a more defined knotting with a knot density of 850.000 to a million knots per square meter. The most exclusive Nain carpets only have two pairs of threads and have an inexpressible definition with a knot density of more than 1 million knots per square meter.

  • What general information should I keep in mind regarding my new carpet?

    Our carpets are either rolled up or folded upon delivery and can be directly used after the arrival of the packet. Possible folding or lines on the surface of the carpet will disappear with time. At the beginning it is normal for the new carpets to shed some fibres. The excess wool gets unhinged through the use of the carpet, this is absolutely normal and no reason for concern. Repeated vacuuming usually stops this process. If you have bought a thinner carpet, it is advisable to buy an anti-slip-pad beneath, so that your carpet doesn’t get out of place.

  • My carpet has small irregularities. Do I have to be worried about its quality?

    You do not need to be concerned when it comes to the quality of your carpet. Small irregularities are normal with original and hand-made carpets. Most of our carpets have not been manufactured by machinery and therefore they might show small variations. Differences in the length of the fringe, a slightly contorted shape or a difference in the colour design aren’t a rarity with hand made carpets. These small "flaws" don’t diminish the worth of your carpet in any way; they only show that you have purchased a unique original.

  • General Information about Nain Trading

  • Where do the carpets from Nain Trading come from?

    Different to other carpet dealers, Nain Trading has their own carpet factories in Nain in Iran. Nain is located in the centre of Iran and has always been a centre for carpet manufacturing. That means, that we import our carpets directly from the carpet factories in Iran. Our other carpets are also being manufactured by carpet factories in the country of their origin such as Iran, India, Pakistan or Afghanistan. Our carpets are original goods and do not go through a number of intermediaries. All of our carpets come with a certificate of authenticity and are very high in quality.

  • Why should I buy my carpet at Nain Trading?

    Nain Trading has a long time experience, when it comes to dealing with and maintaining carpets. We have a huge collection of different carpets of the highest quality and our name stands for good and personal consultation. In addition we offer a number of different methods of payment, free shipping inside the EU, a certificate of authenticity for your carpet and an extended right of withdrawal. Moreover we offer to help you with the maintenance and repair of your carpets. Different to other online stores, we give our customers the chance to inspect their dream carpet before purchase.
    It is not our goal to sell you any carpet, but to find the perfect carpet that conforms to all your wishes.

  • Where and when can I inspect the carpets before my purchase?

    f you have found a carpet to your liking in our collection you are more than welcomed to personally inspect that carpet in our showroom in Hamburg, prior to purchase.
    Please let us know the number of the carpet at least 24 hour before your inspections, so that we can have the carpet ready for you. You can make an appointment Monday through Sunday from 10 am till 6 pm under the following number 0049 / 40 326634 or via Email:

  • Questions regarding your order and payment:

  • How does the ordering process work with Nain Trading?

    When you have found a carpet to your liking in our online store, you can directly put the article in your virtual shopping cart, through the detail page of the article, by clicking the blue button "Add to cart". You will be automatically forwarded to your shopping cart, so you can review your chosen articles. If you are a new customer, you can create a new account by clicking on "New customer". If you are a returning customer you can log in through your email and password under "Existing customer". Your saved data will be retained.
    If you are a new customer, type in your information and click on "next" at the bottom of the page.
    During the next step you will be able to review your shipping address, so you can make some changes if you have to. At this point you will also be able to review all shipping costs. Click on "next".
    In the following step you choose your method of payment, through checking the box behind your desired payment method. If you wish, you have the opportunity to write a note regarding your order into a small description field. Click on "next".
    At the end of the ordering process you will get a complete review of your order. Through clicking "confirm order" you transfer the information to us and make your order binding.

  • Where can I display my purchase order?

    If you want to review your order you need to log into your Nain Trading customers account. You can do this by either clicking on "my account / log in" on the left navigation bar or you can log in by clicking on "your account" on the top navigation bar. Once you are logged in, you can review your purchases through Nain Trading by clicking on "my orders".

  • How can I change or cancel an order?

    If you want to cancel an already confirmed order, please call us under +49 (0)40 - 326634 or write us an email at
    Once you have contacted us, we will cancel your order.

  • Which methods of payment does Nain Trading accept?
    Wir akzeptieren eine Großzahl an Zahlungsverfahren. Sie können bei uns traditionell per Vorkasse mittels Überweisung, per Nachnahme und Bar bei Abholung bezahlen. Dazu bieten wir Ihnen die weiteren Zahlungsarten: {ZAHLUNG}. Weitere Informationen zu den einzelnen Zahlungsverfahren finden Sie {A-ZAHLUNG}hier.

    We accept a number of payment methods. We offer these payment methods: {ZAHLUNG}
    More information regarding the different methods of payment can be found {A-ZAHLUNG}here.

  • How save are these payment methods?

    We make sure that our online store is always up to the newest security standards, so that your data is safe. We use the safety standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) when it comes to the transfer of data, to protect your data from access of unauthorized third parties. The big financial service providers are also using this system. Nain Trading is securing credit card information through 3D secure technology.

  • Shipment, delivery and returns

  • How much does the shipment cost?

    Within Germany and inside the EU we offer shipment free of charge. More information about the shipment cost of other countries can be found under {A-VERSAND}shipment.

  • How long does the delivery of a carpet take?

    Inside the EU or for EU close countries the delivery usually takes in between one and five weekdays. Outside of the EU shipment can take longer considering the circumstances.

  • Where can I review my order and my status of delivery?

    You will receive a confirmation email, after you have successfully completed your ordering process. Once the package has been shipped we send another email, to inform you of your status of delivery. In this email you will find further information about shipment and tips on how to follow the delivery process of your package.

  • How does Nain Trading prepare the packages get prepared for delivery?

    Our carpets are being either rolled up (carpet runners) or folded prior to delivery. After the folding- or rolling process, they get covered in foil to protect them and are put into our own double-sided packages, before getting picked up by our shipping partners.

  • I am not satisfied with the carpet. Can I return it?

    It is our goal to find the perfect carpet for all our customers; therefore we offer each and every customer the right to return a carpet, if they should not be satisfied. Other than the usual 14-day grace period for returns, that is prescribed by law, we at Nain Trading offer an extended 30 day right of withdrawal. A carpet is a long-time investment and a purchase of such should come with some time for considerations.
    More detailed information, regarding the right of withdrawal, can be found under conditions and terms.

  • What do I have to keep in mind, when I return a carpet?

    If you desire to send your carpet back, please make sure to contact us personally either via phone +49 40 - 326634 or via email beforehand. We will either send you a parcel stamp, or have the carpet picked up at your home destination.

  • Who has to pay the cost for the return package?

    A return shipment fee is covered through Nain Trading, as long as in Germany. You will get all further information and a return stamp by email. If you don't contact us before sending the item back, we cannot reimburse you for your costs. Information regarding returns from other countries can be found {A-VERSAND}here.

  • My carpet got damaged during delivery. What now?

    If the rare case should occur and your carpet should be damaged through the delivery process, please indicate the damage to the protractor upon handover. Afterwards please contact us directly under +49 40 - 326634 or We will talk you through the next steps.

  • Security and the protection of privacy

  • What happens with my personal data and what is it being used for?

    Your data is being safely stored by Nain Trading and not being transferred to unauthorized third parties or misused for advertising purposes. Excluded from this is our newsletter, which will only be sent to you by previous agreement.
    We only need your login-data for a smooth handling of your order, delivery and for possible further inquiries.
    Personal date will only be transferred to the service providers responsible for logistics and finances in connection to your delivery or payment, using the most modern coding technique.