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Hand-knotted Oriental carpets – dreams, coming true

Our online shop is the perfect place for all admirers of the art of oriental carpet knotting and also for fans of oriental culture. Of course your individual style is the most important part. So that you don’t have to buy just any Rug, we offer you a big choice of the most beautiful made with the typical traditional hand knotting technique. Abstract patterns combined with unbelievable colour combinations. Classic designs with established natural colours. The art of the real carpet knotting is hard to beat just like our choice of carpets.

Nain Trading invites you to an unforgettable shopping adventure: Hand knotted Oriental carpets from the Carpet experts par excellence

The online shop for hand knotted Oriental carpets

If you search for a real handmade Oriental carpet you are perfectly at the right place. In our store in Hamburg (Germany) we from Nain Trading offer you more than 100.000 square meters of handmade rugs for any budget and any taste. Not only that! You can also search for your kind of carpet online, get inspired and let yourself be led thoughtlessly through the world of carpets. Be sure that high quality and high expertise are our speciality. That’s because we want to make you happy. For the Persian proverb saying “may your hands never hurt” to be true, the carpet knotter must be sure that his carpets land in the right hands. Your hands. Your home. To let your home shine in the colours of the orient. Nain Trading is bound to oriental carpets. We admire the traditional handicraft which is more likely an artwork. We are glad to welcome you on our online shop. If you prefer to get to know how a Persian carpet or any other Oriental carpet feels, feel free to visit our store at Brook 7, 20457 Hamburg (Germany). It is worth it.

What lets oriental carpets become a real artwork

Carpets from the orient stand out for their enormous obsession with details – the designers often integrate complex patterns to define their carpets. The careful hand work in particular makes them so much more valuable than western mass products. The more knots you have on a square meter – the more valuable the outcome. The most exclusive ones are so rare, that their values often reach thousands of euros.

Oriental carpets are mostly categorized by their place of origin, which often has its own kind of design. That is the reason for the fascinating variety of Oriental carpets, their variety in used colours, models and sizes. Also the different knotting and weaving techniques make special kind of carpets, for example kelims, for which the weft is used on both sides for the pattern.

Where to place an Oriental carpet in your home

An Oriental carpet can generally enhance any room. As this fabricates usually are very stabil, you can use them just as you like, they are suitable for daily use. They make a good figure in the living room but also in the dining room – the patterns make it almost impossible to spot smaller stains.

If you want to fill your hall you should for example choose a stain resistant and durable runner. Of course you can combine models with different styles and colours and integrate them into your furnishings. Even for giving your bathroom an extravagant touch and care for warm feet, you can use an Oriental carpet.